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Jack Frain

The Music Marketer

I help artists find their crowd; working with musicians, record labels and brands to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies to build their brand.


As a consultant, I advise some of the planet’s leading brands to break the mould of traditional marketing and show them new ways to reach their target audience. Using methods often under-utilised or too unique for others to compete against.


Contact Me For:


  • Social Media Review and Optimisation

  • One to One consultancy on Digital Marketing strategies

  • Content Creation (e.g. posts, videos, blogs etc)

  • Developing unique and effective Marketing Strategies

  • Building Social Media Profiles aimed at Target Audience

  • Event Speaker on Digital Marketing in the Music Industry

  • Music Industry Advice / Consultancy

  • To grab a coffee.


Phone: 07444 541217 or Email: jackfrain@edmauthority.com


I’ve been working in the music industry for over 10 years, with experience across almost all sub-industries involved; including Distribution, Radio, Artist Management, A&R, Event Production, Press and of course Marketing.


In 2017 I founded EDM Authority - an online news publication aimed at dance music industry professionals. Topics covered include technology, legal cases/statutes, industry news, interviews, advice and more.


As Editor-In-Chief of EDM Authority, I oversee all daily operations of the publication and am responsible for all content produced by the brand. I also work with artists, brands and labels to create informative articles and promote their work.


NOW, I’m available 24/7 to each and every client, offering expert advice on everything from Content Creation to Crisis Management.


If you need guidance on how to build your audience, drop me a message and see what I’m made of.


Jack Frain, The Music Marketer.


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